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3D printing company — created and founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2022. look at some of our custom 3D prints or…feeling creative?  Head over to our customization section to create your very own Fresh 3D prints or Fresh 3D designs. Don’t forget to follow us on our journey into a new dimension of 3D printing!

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Ready-made miniatures for your favorite games –such as D&D, Warhammer, and many more…or, send us an image and we’ll do the rest! 

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About Us

Founded in 2022, The Fresh Prints is one of the first local companies making 3D printing easily accessible in Central Arkansas. We have a dedicated team of diverse and uniquely talented individuals,  ready to serve your every need. Our high quality 3D printing technology ensures accuracy and repeatability – providing you with precise prints…every time. We utilize both FDM and SLA printers to efficiently service our customer base. We will handle the entire production process…from secure uploading of 2D images, and custom 3D model designs, to expedited delivery with customized packaging. 

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